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Starting its commercial activities in 1976 with tension cable production in a 600 m2 closed area in Bayrampasa, Istanbul; Demes Cable has been continuing its investments by planning a stable and honorable growth within that period and become one of the important companies in this sector by experience. Our firm, condensing its presence and experience on cable production within its technological achievements, takes as principle to itself of achieving sustainable customer satisfaction with it’s dynamic work force and forward-looking professional staff by offering our products to users without sacrificing our quality. Demes Cable’s successful position is oriented on the concept of it’s global thought, sense of quality, expert in employees’ fields, technological equipments, internal seminars and trainings. This success continues with firm steps forward. Demes Cable has been tasked with providing a superior service in the sector with its production approach that is compatible with international standards and customer demands and has divided its production into 'energy' and 'telecom'. We produce many kind of cables such as Coax, Data & Communication, Control, Telephone, BUS, Halogen Free, Flame and Fire Retardant, Computer Systems, Instrumentation, Composite/Hybrid, Aerial, Microphone, Construction and Plants, Power, Armored and Special Production. Since Demes Cable’s establishment, it has been working in the frame of conforming to quality standards, environment and human-conscious and has strengthened these principles by obtaining Quality and Environment Management System certificates. Demes Cable has based on national and international standards, IEC, VDE, BS, CENELEC, RoHS, TIA / EIA, CE, TSE, TSEK and CE (LVD, CPR) norms. Our organization, which is systematic and transparent, closely follows the technology, values human beings and environment, continues to work with reliable, customer and solution-oriented principles. Also, we have strengthened our brand awareness with 95% export rate and proved ourselves that we are one of the most important organizations in the sector. Our group, growing without compromising its targets and principles, will continue to work as a brand sought in Turkey and abroad markets and will continue to increase its brand equity by adding value to its country, innovation and development, labor, quality, people, partners and customers.
2M KABLO was established in Istanbul - TURKEY in 1993 for low voltage cables production. The company started production of data, control, coaxial, audio-video cables at first stages and later continued with fire resistant and instrumentation cables. Today, the wide range of products are presented with the registered brands: 2MKAB (Control, Coaxial, Instrumentation, Data Cables, Power Cables, Marine and Shipboard Cables), FireKab (Fire Resistant Cables) and LOOKAB (Audio – Video Cables). 2M KABLO has been supplying to the Construction (High rise, intelligent, semi-intelligent buildings, hospitals, universities, residence projects, etc.) , Oil &Gas, Petrochemical, Nuclear, Power Plant projects, Automation, Fire & Security, Satellite, Broadcasting, Staging, Audio-Video industries as well as OEM production. The exports ratio is more than 40% with destination to France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, UK , Iran, Iraq, Qatar, U.A.E. , Russia, Slovenia, Thailand, Canada, Turkmenistan, Bulgaria, Latvia, Pakistan, Syria, Hungary, Ireland, Denmark, Lebanon, Malta, Greece, Belgium, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Lithuania, Macedonia, Sudan , Portugal, Slovakia, Czech Republic, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan Serbia, Albania, Georgia, Ozbekistan, Egypt, Oman, Mexico, Vietnam, Libya, Afghanistan, South Africa and T.R.N.C.A regional office and a warehouse has been active in Moscow - RUSSIA since 2005, too. Quality 2M KABLO has the certificates: ISO 9001:2008 from both WCS and LPCB OHSAH 18001:2007 ISO 14001 Russian GOST-R (most of the products) UkrSepro for Fire Resistant Cables Russian fire (most of the products) TSE and TSEK (most of the products) 3 fire resistant cable products from LPCB (British) 3 fire resistant cable products from VDE (German) HAR for some power cables Rina for marine & shipboard cables As growth pushed 2M KABLO's manufacturing needs, the company moved to a bigger and more manufacture/shipment-efficient building with modern cable manufacturing equipment in 2012. The 2M KABLO laboratory is equipped with modern testing equipments for essential tests which are carried out after or during the production of every cable. For each delivery, a test report is prepared for each cable, reissuing the main tests for the cables, and the reports are sent with the official documents to the customers. Since 2004, modern control methods have been carried out through an ERP programme which directly monitors and records detailed data. The system gives the opportunity to have superior and immediate control over the procurement, planning, production, sales, storing and customer relations processes and thus enables the total quality to be better. As part of the new changes, this software is being updated to: Microsoft Dynamics AX which will bring an even more accurate and integrated business management. Product liability insurance for all products covering up to 20.000.000 Euros is part of the 2M KABLO service too. Stress on product quality and customer satisfaction; constant training and research ; continuous investments in the business are the keys to 2M KABLO's success which is proved by awards from Chamber of Commerce of Istanbul and the Exporters Association in 2009, 2011 and 2012.

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The leader company of the electrical industry ALKANLAR which its the youngest label is ALKAN KABLO , serving supplying and marketing of the Turkish and international brand approximately 45 years. Since ALKAN KABLO was established in 2007 manufacturing due to the ISO 9001:2008 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM standardization, with each passing day increasing scale of manufacturing and share of the market is expanding ALKAN KABLO’S vision. ALKAN KABLO which manufacturing installations ( copper and aluminium conducter low-voltage cables) low-voltage cables and flexible connection cables in accordance with Turkish Standardization (H05V-U/K, H07V-U/R/K), TS 9759 (NVV), TS 50525-2-11 (H05VV-F), TS IEC 60502-1(YVV), TS 60884-1, export its output %55 and contribute to the national economy. Marketing veteran of the electiricity sector, is backed by the Turkey’s most trusted institution ALKANLAR, with 43 sale-offices in different countries and over than 5000 point of sale is proud of taking part. ALKAN KABLO experienced and dynamic team,shipped the product from raw material input to the laboratory controls at every stage of production with high quality and environmentally friendly production realizes. With the understanding of quality and service ALKAN KABLO receive from you the strength and support to move forward with firm steps towards becoming a global brand has adopted as its mission .”
Recber Kablo Company made its debut as a power cable manufacturer in 1984. The Company began to manufacture coaxial cables in 1999 and soon ranked among paramount actors of the low current cable market. Besides the coaxial range, the Company also manufactures Data & LAN cables, Audio & Video cables, Camera cables, Communication (Telephone) cables, Alarm cables, Fire Alarm cables, Signal & Control cables and special cables. Thanks to the pioneering investment in the Data & Lan range in 2008, the company began to manufacture high-frequency LAN cables, and achieved a top rank among distinguished European manufacturers. Since 2015, the Company has been operating in a production plant with an outdoor area of 30,000 m² and an indoor area of 20,300 m² at Corlu-Turkgucu Industrial Zone. The Company offers 58% of its production to the domestic market and exports the rest (42%) to a total of 25 countries in Europe, Middle East. The ISO 9001 system certificate as well as the EAC, TSE, VDE, GHMT, CPR and ETL product certificates are the hallmarks of Recber’s product quality. Relying upon an experience over thirty-five years, Recber never compromises its supreme quality offered to customers and consistently creates a distinction and superior prestige in overseas markets thanks to its pioneering investments.
Onder Kablo Ltd. has been manufacturing Silicone Cables and Silicone Products for last 16 years, with the exprience of 24 years, meeting stringent manufacturing and quality standards to satisfy demanding users in a wide range of industries. We have excellent inhouse manufacturing facilities with the latest state of the art machineries. Our test facilities are quite comprehensive. At all times, highest quality not only in materials but in services too remains our principle and to achieve this aim, we take the utmost efforts. We at ‘Onder Kablo’ believe in Innovation, keeping pace with the latest technology and in course, developing products that would best meet the needs of our customers. Onder Kablo’s thrust for giving latest & better products makes it the leader in the field of Silicone Cables. The reason behind our success is strong emphasis on Customer satisfaction in all respect. Onder Kablo.’ with its meticulous efforts in maintaining best quality with its well experienced team having the knowledge of cable manufacturing, are proud and capable of supplying Silicone Cables meeting any Turkish / International Standards or Customised requirements as desired by Project Authorities.