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The leader company of the electrical industry ALKANLAR which its the youngest label is ALKAN KABLO , serving supplying and marketing of the Turkish and international brand approximately 45 years. Since ALKAN KABLO was established in 2007 manufacturing due to the ISO 9001:2008 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM standardization, with each passing day increasing scale of manufacturing and share of the market is expanding ALKAN KABLO’S vision. ALKAN KABLO which manufacturing installations ( copper and aluminium conducter low-voltage cables) low-voltage cables and flexible connection cables in accordance with Turkish Standardization (H05V-U/K, H07V-U/R/K), TS 9759 (NVV), TS 50525-2-11 (H05VV-F), TS IEC 60502-1(YVV), TS 60884-1, export its output %55 and contribute to the national economy. Marketing veteran of the electiricity sector, is backed by the Turkey’s most trusted institution ALKANLAR, with 43 sale-offices in different countries and over than 5000 point of sale is proud of taking part. ALKAN KABLO experienced and dynamic team,shipped the product from raw material input to the laboratory controls at every stage of production with high quality and environmentally friendly production realizes. With the understanding of quality and service ALKAN KABLO receive from you the strength and support to move forward with firm steps towards becoming a global brand has adopted as its mission .”

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